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Terry Wells's Winter Project


      Terry Wells has stripped his sprint car down to the bare frame. It needed a little repair work and will then go out to get powder coated. A new engine is in the works.







Jim McDermott's Winter Project


  Jim McDermott is working on his Sprinter and trying to get enough parts to build a big block engine for his old dirt modified.  He says it is time to get the car back on the track. It has been sitting too long taking up space in his garage. He has also been working on replacing the lights in his shop. It might be nice to be able to see what he is working on without using a flash light.



Bob Shelhorn's Winter Project


     Jim as heard that Bob Shelhorn has pulled the engine out of his Late Model to freshen it up and check it out. Jim thinks he is secretly looking at ways to get more cubic inches and horsepower out of that monster engine. It is also rumored that he is also thinking about looking at a sprint car ride for next year! Not sure about that.





Bob DeBolt's Winter Project


         Bob DeBolt thought he would drop us a line on his winter project. He spun a rod bearing in his Nance car at Lima fairgrounds when he was there with VARC last summer. He still had a blast with everyone. He thinks the 327 Chevy will be an easy fix.

Gene Steele's Winter Project

     Gene Steele spent a day in the shop removing the sheet metal off the 3K donor chassis, and I mean all day.  He will try to save as much as possible.  There is some frame damage on the right front, but he thinks a little porta-power wizardry will correct that.  No surprise broken welds or cracks.  A basic Rust~olum tune up should have it in tip top shape.  One thing he is going to change is the pan-hard bar set up. He likes a basic J-bar with a left side frame mount to the right side rear-end mount.  That thing must have had 3 lbs. of Duzs buttons in it.  But it now sits naked and ready to have the '37 Ford slant back body fitted to it.  Next is getting the '37 in the shop and get it stripped down

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