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Membership Book

Rules Updated -- 2022

5. Vintage Car Rules


10. Wing Rule UPDATE


            Wings are permitted if they are period correct for size and  construction for display purpose only.  No wings on Sprint Cars and Midgets for on track activities.  Wings MUST be removed.


6. Safety Requirements 


2. Driving Suits UPDATE


            5-Point racing restraints REQUIRED and used.  No vintage airplane style belts.  Recommended  not over 5 years old.


 7. Driving Rules UPDATED


9.  You must not lead more than 2 consecutive laps.


 15.  Share the Checkered   


How this works:     


     If you win a Heat race you cannot win the Feature that night.

     If you win the Feature, you cannot win the Feature the next race you attend.

     First time there is a violation you will receive a letter of warning.  After the second violation we will discuss with the board members.

     This pertains to the driver of the car.  The driver must be a VARC member.



      Only paid VARC members are allowed to participate in VARC events.

      Points are awarded to the driver of the car
not the car.

Rules Update – 2023



1.   Down tube cars are permitted with Proof of Date


2.   1990 or older cars


3.   No wings on Sprint Cars

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